Diabetes Is Beatable – Part 2 Yolanda Yvette McDonald

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This is part 2 of a 4 part series entitled “Diabetes is Beatable”. Our topic today is Chromium.
Chromium is an essential trace mineral for the human body. The chromium found in natural foods is referred to as Chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor.) According to the National Institute of medicine, chromium helps maintain proper blood glucose levels.
In addition scientists believe Chromium GTF can:
Reduce fat levels in blood Control blood cholesterol levels
Increase HDL cholesterol Reduce arteriosclerosis
Stimulate production of essential nerve substances
Increase resistance to infection
Stimulate protein synthesis
Suppress hunger symptoms through brain �satiety center�
According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, sales of chromium-based supplements are approximately $100 million a year.
Chromium is sold generally as a chelate, the mineral salt chelated with, or bound to another compound.
Chromium Picolinate is a chelate of one chromium molecule linked to three picolinate molecules.
Chromium Picolinate studies have been mixed, while some show health benefit, many others showed little, if any results. Research on chromium metabolism has concluded that while picolinates may be absorbed, the minerals were not effectively metabolized or incorporated into the tissues. Recent articles have questioned its overall safety.
Remember that Professor Thomas
O’Halloran of Northwestern University reported that proteins act as a “chauffeur” to assist the transport of minerals to the proper tissues in the body. This breakthrough science was based on research on the protein signaling system that won the 1999 Nobel Prize.
The American Society for Nutritional Sciences published an article from The Department of Chemistry at the University of Alabama in 2000. The article entitled “The Biochemistry of Chromium” discusses chromium and its role in glucose metabolism. The author describes the specific metal transport protein (protein chauffeur) found in dietary forms of chromium and states that “Chromium from the popular dietary supplement Chromium Picolinate enters cells via a different mechanism,” and further warns that Chromium Picolinate metabolism can produce dangerous free radicals.
A study published in Nutritional Reports International compared the glucose lowering effects of FoodMatrix Chromium and Chromium Picolinate. In this published study, the FoodMatrix nutrient was found to be almost three times as effective in lowering patients blood sugar levels than the chelated nutrient.
Another study, this one published in Diabetes, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, found that FoodMatrix Chromium was able to lower blood sugar levels and help with cholesterol levels in elderly diabetic patients.
The University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter recommends that consumers do not take Chromium Picolinate because of some recent disturbing findings (including the University of Alabama study.)
Tomorrow we will discuss excercise and it’s benefits to the diabetic.
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