Look and Feel Young Even After 40 — Part 1

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Avoiding substance abuse, diet and exercise, and using supplements like Phosoplex and Rejuvinol for ache joints and wrinkled skin respectively can help us look and feel much younger – healthy and vibrant.
If you are like me a forty-something striver and survivor, some people consider you an old or mature person ready to be cast to the side of life. In our youth orientated society certainly most people feel your best days seem behind you.
Sure people don’t say this, but you can just hear the snickers of the teenagers and “twenty-somethings” when you walk down the street.
Why don’t they just say it: here comes grandpa, the poor guy has one foot already in the grave!
However, I don’t feel old and I certainly am not ready to be relegated to the sidelines of life. Can you relate to this mid-life challenge?
My determination to counter being written off at this point in life isn’t a result of just a competitive spirit — or some sought of pride. Most of us can’t afford to be sidelined in life at forty or fifty because we have too much at stake to live for in our lives.
Many of us have had our children in the mid thirties and early forties. In point of fact many men even after fifty are having their first children. As reported in the AARP magazine and website according to the Centers of Disease Control women over 45 having children has increased 45% between 1990 and 2002.
Therefore, our children are depending on us to help raise them and send them to college.
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Nope, we definitely can’t afford to let our health slip because others are counting on us to keep our families, communities, and society moving. Given these factors there are ways to delay the aging process and use our time to every ones advantage.
Let’s checkout some suggestions to turn time on its proverbial head.
– Stop Abusing Your Body with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs.
Let’s face it — life offers enough challenges without you adding more drama to it. It is a “no-brainer” that you shouldn’t be doing drugs especially if you have a family depending on you.
But many mature adults aren’t so clear about other forms of substance abuse. Too many mature adults still over indulge in tobacco and alcohol.
While some alcohol may even be a good thing, the French have less heart disease and cancer partly because they drink wine. Wine is filled with grape seed oils that have powerful anti-oxidants, which help combat free radicals.
Free radicals may be related to cancer according to Dr. Earl Mindel, a leading authority on herbs, vitamins, and supplements.
However, if you have problems with alcohol dependency you would be advised to stay away from wine. Moreover the abuse of alcohol can lead to liver damage and other problems.
Cut down on your alcohol consumption and actually increase your quality of life. If you are using alcohol as a coping mechanism seek some counseling.
Remember Cancer is the top killer of people once they reach forty years of age. Lung caner can be brought on of course by smoking.
There is hope however if you smoke. According to a special health report on aging by the Seattle Times smokers who kick the habit before age 50 cut in half their risk of dying in the next 16 years.
Smoking seems one of the most difficult types of substances in which to kick the habit. If you are a smoker and have tried raw will power to kick the habit perhaps it is time to use other tactics like skin patches or other forms of therapy.
In part 2 of this article we will discuss the bountiful benefits and considerable challenges of diet and exercise in rebuilding your youthful energy and body.
We will also explore how to smooth out your facial wrinkles without Botox using a topical treatment call Rejuvinol. Then we will also discover a powerful time released joint support supplement called Phosoplex which can help with pain associated with high impact aerobics.
Always remember to consult with a fitness and health professional first before entering into any kind of weight, diet, or health program.
This article is for general information purposes only. Your ultimate health, fitness, and diet program will depend on your personal goals, abilities, and objectives after consulting with your doctor or health professional.