Patio Furniture Extend Your Living Quarters


Your living quarters don’t have to stop within the perimeters of the traditional rooms like the kitchen, living room and bedroom

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Your living quarters don’t have to stop within the perimeters of the traditional rooms like the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Pull your living quarters farther out by dressing up your patio. Patio furniture is the key to pulling the look together.

When searching for patio furniture, consider how exposed to the elements your furniture will be. If you have a covered or closed in patio, you can use furniture that is not suited for outdoors. If your patio is open, be sure to buy furniture that is okayed for the elements.

For instance, there are some rockers that look great on patios but they have a note attached that they are not suited for outdoor use. Something like this must be brought in whenever it is not in use. If you decide you just must have it any way, make sure you have a place in your home or storage to hold it until its next use.

If you decide to buy wicker or rattan furniture, check to see if the manufacturer has warnings against outdoor use. Some wicker and rattan furniture is not meant for use outside, but other wicker and rattan has been specially treated for outdoor use. It comes down to checking the label or packaging to know for sure. If you have any doubt, contact the manufacturer. As the store from which you purchased it for the contact info or look it up on line if you can’t find it elsewhere.

If style is not a high concern on your list but finding cheap, practical patio furniture is, check out the resin tables and chairs on the market. The tables and chairs are sturdy. You can even buy resin foot rests, end tables and coffee tables. This type of furniture weathers well in all elements and the only style concern you face with resin furniture is fading or dullness that comes along with being outside. You can find resin furniture at just about any discount store. It’s seasonal, so start looking for it to appear on shelves and display floors in the spring. The price for a simple resin chair ranges from $6 to $10 in most places. Chaise lounge chairs made from the same resin are a little more expensive. You can expect to pay $30 to $40 each for those. The price of resin tables varies based on the size. A small table, like an end table or a foot stool, are about the same price as the simple chairs. A large table costs more. The high end of the design in resin furniture is the table with a hole in the middle for an umbrella. In addition to providing shade from the hot sun, an umbrella can really dress up the look of resin patio furniture. A simple green or white table becomes festive when a brightly colored umbrella is thrown into the mix!

So, no matter how much money you have to spend, you can extend your living quarters outside the boundary of tradition. Invest in some patio furniture and you can create an outdoor living room of sorts!