Putting Your Best Face Forward: Help for Men’s Skin Care Problems

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Unique merits define individuals. The merits of unique botanicals define Bullie, a revolutionary men’s skin care method. With specialized cleansers, after-shaves, balms and scrubs, Bullie products are customized to meet the needs of three distinctive skin types: all skin/combination, normal/oily and sensitive/dry.
Combination Skin
Combination skin is medially diagnosed as higher level of oils on the T-Zone (forehead and nose) and a degree of dryness on the rest of the face, cheeks, and jaw line. To help keep the face healthy without causing added dryness or oiliness, certain steps should be taken.
There is a long list of enemies that, over time, can damage the face and aggravate combination skin. Exposure to wind and sun are primary but stress, pollutants, petroleum-derived products (mineral oil, etc.), and the natural aging process all contribute.
Most of the time men tend to assume any product will help alleviate the problem. In actuality, using a specially formulated men’s moisturizer is best for several reasons.
The pH level of men’s skin and women’s skin is different. Bullie men’s moisturizer was developed with the proper ingredients to effectively hold moisture in the skin without adding to oiliness. Bullie’s men’s moisturizer contains effective levels of vitamins such as A, B, C, E, iron, and copper that can help contribute to a great complexion. Chamomile, wheat germ, and other natural elements help to add moisture back into your skin, too.
It’s best to apply lotion within a few minutes after showering when skin is more accepting of moisturizers. A consistent routine of applying a men’s moisturizer daily can have a dramatic impact on the skin’s overall look and feel.
Bullie also offers men’s cleanser and men’s post shave lotions especially developed to promote overall skin health without the normally-associated drying effects.
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There’s really no wonder that so many men have dry or sensitive skin. Showering with deodorant soap and daily shaving can easily cause stinging, blotching, and redness of the face.
Again, look for and use products developed just for men when possible. Men’s cleansers will have the correct pH level for skin (just like men’s moisturizers). So will men’s post shave lotions. But that alone won’t guarantee help for dry or sensitive skin.
Based on the Bullie philosophy, products are primarily free from dyes, alcohol, and fragrances. Other men’s cleansers will sometimes include alcohol as a main ingredient. Men’s post shave and toner is also likely to have irritating dyes and fragrances. The carefully chosen, natural ingredients in Bullie men’s skin care products work better and are much easier on skin.
Bullie men’s cleanser is uniquely designed to revive collagen production and rid free radicals without exacerbating the problems men with dry or sensitive skin face. Bullie men’s moisturizer offers a combination of aloe, sandalwood and other exceptional agents to restore moisture without adding shine. Bullie men’s post shave for dry/sensitive skin gives the advantage of reduce free radicals and bacteria while actually healing and replenishing the skin instead of drying it.
Normal/Oily Skin
Perhaps the number one problem in men’s skin care is that of excess oil. This can lead to acne breakouts and, in some cases, acne scarring. Keeping skin clean and moisturized is a primary way to prevent breakouts in any skin type. By using men’s skin care products made for normal or oily skin, the prevention of acne, blackheads, or other blemishes (and the scars they may leave) is more likely.
Men’s cleanser for normal/oily skin by Bullie contains papaya enzymes and silk amino acids to gently exfoliate skin and wash away impurities and excess oil. The men’s moisturizer contains lecithin and Vitamin E along with other natural ingredients to further help with the exfoliation process while restoring balanced moisture to the face. Bullie’s men’s post shave prevents the advancement of free radicals and acne causing bacteria with powerful alpha hydroxyl acids.
Overcoming the three biggest men’s skin care problems can be a simplified process if you take a new approach. Focus on what your skin needs instead of what’s the most convenient product to grab from the shelf.
Want help with overcoming the three biggest men’s skin care problems? Bullie offers quality products developed especially for men that cleanse, sooth, protect and polish. Made from natural ingredients, Bullie products for men are available at better retailers or online at http://www.bulliecare.com/