The 7 Points You Must Check Before You Go For Any Weight Loss Program

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Warning: Don’t go for any weight loss or diet plan before reading this report.
Yes,you must be aware of the following 7 points before adopting a diet plan.
1) Your weight loss program must remove toxins from your body.
Do you know these facts?
FACT #1:90% of the toxins in your body are expelled from your body through breath.But an average person uses only 30% of his/her lung capacity!
FACT #2:8% of the toxins are removed from the excretory organs.But 80% of the population has clogged colons resulting in pounds of impacted waste.
FACT #3:2% of the toxins are removed through the skin,nose,ears etc.
So,where do all the toxins that are not expelled through the breath and excretory organs go? Simple,they get stored in your body.
Click here for more information on The Best Ways to Delete WhatsApp Images on the Laptop 2022. Or click here if you’re looking for information on What Does a Chest Compression Feedback Device Monitor 2022And,toxins are the No.1 cause of fat deposition. In fact,it’s toxin which makes fat removal so difficult to achieve.
But, most of the fat supplement manufacturers and diet experts don’t seem to know anything about this vital fact! or atleast they are pretending not to know.
Remember. No toxin removal-No fat removal. Period.
2) You must Lose Fat not water
Most of the diet programs are based on low calorie diets.This kind of food deprevation signals your body to shed water stored in and around the cells.Remember,your body is 70% water.
Losing this water around the cells causes your body to instantly lose some weight making you think that the weight loss program is a success.
Whereas,this water weight comes back as easily as it was lost.
Conclusion? Be 100% sure if the weight loss program you are about to select makes your body lose just water or real fat.
3) The weight loss program must optimize the functioning of the fat burning organs in your body.
Most of the products available in the market today don’t fulfill this criterion.
There are appetite suppressants that only suppress the appetite……..which is very dangerous, and fat blockers, which only block the fat you eat.
The popular diet programs go one step ahead by limiting the type and amount of food you eat.
This results in malnutrition of the various fat burning organs of the body, depriving them of nutrients and resulting in their malfunctioning and untimely failure.
Most of the weight loss programs can never improve the functioning of the organs responsible for natural and effortless weight loss over a long period of time.
Hence, look for info about whether your weight loss program really has the necessary nutrients required and a strategy to keep these fat burning organs in good shape.
4) The weight loss programs must be free of harmful chemicals and drugs without side effects.
Most of the weight loss supplements have one or the other side effects because they are made from untested chemicals and drugs like ephedra, which are harmful to your body.
5) Must have a Scientific basis-tried and tested over a long period of time .
99% of all the weight loss programs available in the market have no scientific basis. They have not been tested and proven over a long period of time.
In fact, most products use you as a guinea pig for testing their products!
6) Your weight loss program must increase your metabolism naturally.
Without increasing metabolism in a natural way, fat burning is impossible.
7) No drastic reduction in food intake should be necessary.
It is a wrong notion propagated by the diet industry that the less calories in-more is the weight loss. This is a great lie and harms the body. Yo-yo dieting is the result of this approach.
In fact,drastic reduction in calorie intake deprives vital nutrients to the very organs that are responsible for metabolism and fat burning resulting in their failure to burn fat.
Hence,watch out for very low calorie diets!
99% of diet programs in the market today will definitely fail this test and the reason for it? They are Junk!.
Yes,the diet industry is full of lies and false claims regarding weight loss.The real fact is..majority..yes..majority don’t know the real reason for fat accumulation and what really works.
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